I really appreciate how they documented my progression, with photos being taken before the frenulectomy, directly after, and then once the scar had formed. The documentation helped show how effective the surgery was. During the procedure itself, Dr. Flynn and her staff were competent and explained what was happening before and during the frenulectomy. This allowed me to know what was happening and eased my mind.

Leigha, 15- Lingual Frenectomy

Dr. Flynn and her staff are AMAZING!!!! I had a lingual frenectomy preformed and the procedure was quick and painless. I was very nervous leading up to the day, Tracy and Arron were very helpful in reassuring me that everything would be fine. Thank you'll for making my visits so quick and easy


Exceptional care! In addition to Dr. Flynn and her team being highly skilled professionals, they are kind, gentle, and polite. Assistance with insurance issues can be a nightmare, but the office manager, Tracy, makes it as seamless as possible. Highly recommended.


She and her staff are knowledgeable, kind and gentle.


She is the best of the best and will always be.


Excellent experience with each procedure. Always cheerful, professional,her knowledge is exceptional. Always explains each procedure and answers all my questions to my satisfaction. Her staff is first rate, it is a pleasure to visit this office every time. She and her staff are so considerate of me, always going out of their way to accommodate me, my teeth and bones are in the best condition ever, thanks to Dr. Flynn.

Gina, 62- Scaling and Root Planing, Surgical extraction, Osseous Surgery and Bone Graft

Much to my surprise, I experienced no pain during or after the procedures. Before her, any and all dental or periodontal procedures had been associated with lots of discomforts and even pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Flynn to anyone with absolutely no hesitation. She’s pretty great at what she does.

Irene, 59- Scaling and Root Planing, Periodontal Surgery, Bone Graft

Alamo Heights Periodontics was very helpful, informative and understanding. I truly had a pleasant experience during a very difficult time. Everyone in the office was so nice and really does put the patient first. Dr. Flynn and her staff genuinely care about heir patients, I would certainly recommend Dr. Flynn to a friend

Jessica, 17- Implant and bone graft

I have been a patient of Dr. Flynn for about five years, When I first came to her, I knew that I had some serious periodontal issues, but at first I was only willing to have a preventative treatment done. She told me on multiple occasions that at some point more drastic procedures would be needed.

The decision to extract non-restorable teeth and place several implants was not easy, but under her guidance and care, I feel it was the best decision for my oral health. The experience was professional, pain-free and has been very successful.

I am very impressed with Dr. Flynn and her staff. They are all extremely professional, courteous and efficient. I am now free of my removal denture and am very pleased with my implants.

Thank you

Krzysztof, 60- Implants

Dr. Flynn performed two gingival grafts on me. Both times I had an excellent experience. Dr. Flynn’s professional skills are amazing. Her staff is courteous, prompt and the office is run very efficiently. We got very clear instructions and help for both pre and post op. Her availability to answer any questions and follow up are a testimony to her professional dedication.

Rashmi, 46- Gum Grafts

5 Stars out of 5 Stars. I am 16 years old. When I smile I cover my teeth with my hand. My teeth are small and look like they belong in a babies mouth. Dr. Flynn gave me the smile of an adult. She performed a procedure that raised my gums and exposed the big beautiful teeth I didn’t realize I had. Dr. Flynn made it all happen pain-free and easy. The office staff was so friendly and caring. They took the fear away. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Flynn and staff if you are not pleased with your smile. They are the best!!!

Sophie, 16- Gingivectomy

Dr. Flynn was gentle and painless in performing these procedures. Her expertise in all areas of periodontics has been greatly appreciated. Thanks to Dr. Flynn my mouth is in good shape!

Annalisa, 56 – Scaling and Root Planning, Surgical Extraction and Bone Graft

I am so pleased with my implant. While I dreaded the procedure at first, you and your staff calmed any fears I may have had. Thank you for your good care to make sure it was a success.
It was not necessary to take any pain relievers since I didn’t experience any post op pain.

Sandra, 45 – Implant

Marina had crown lengthening done at the recommendation of her orthodontist. She had a couple of sessions. At every step of the way the staff was helpful, explained everything and made the process as easy and painless (both literally and figuratively) as possible. The result was a beautiful smile that Marina will enjoy for the remainder of her life. Dr. Flynn’s attention to detail is evident every time Marina smiles. I’m grateful for Dr. Flynn’s determination to provide the best service and result possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Flynn to anyone needing periodontal work.

Mother of Marina, 13 – Crown Lengthening

I was referred to Dr. Flynn. I appreciated that she examined me to confirm the referral before proceeding. She was very efficient and did exactly what was needed. She and her staff are excellent and I would not hesitate to use again.

Charles, 85. Osseous Surgery and Bone Graft

One of the biggest fears with any dental work is “Will it hurt?” My fears were put to rest from the very first consult. I was told what to expect, printouts of all costs of the different treatments and treated with professionalism and a gentle touch. Over the course of about 1
½ years, I feel that I’ve built a good relationship with Dr. Flynn and her office staff. Everyone has been very knowledgeable about the procedures and what to expect along the way. From her office staff to Dr. Flynn nothing but professionalism on all counts. Dr. Flynn’s staff works closely with your insurance company to ensure the proper paperwork is filed. Overall my experience has been superb!

Cindy, 59 – Surgical Extraction, Bone Graft, Crown Lengthening and Implant

Ben had a maxillary frenectomy performed by Dr. Flynn. The office staff was responsive and always professional and courteous. Dr. Flynn was conscientious and her meticulous attention to detail resulted in Ben’s beautiful smile. There’s no one else I’d recommend for periodontal work. You’re in great hands with Dr. Flynn.

Mother of Benjamin, 16 – Maxillary Frenectomy

I lived in Dallas for many years and had an excellent dentist, one I hated to leave. However,
when I retired to San Antonio, my brother recommended Alamo Heights Periodontics. To my
surprise, I found Dr. Flynn even better. She and her staff have provided not only advanced
procedures, but also regular maintenance in the most gentle, caring and friendly atmosphere
possible. It’s my new home for all things dental and I recommend this practice to everyone!

Gerry, 70 – Surgical Extraction, Bone Graft and Implants

Dr. Flynn and the office staff were very warm, kind and caring. This made me very
comfortable and confident in them. The results of the surgery made me very happy and I feel
like a different person. I’m more confident now and love to smile a lot!

Lilia, 15 – Gingivectomy

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