What is gum surgery?

At Alamo Heights Periodontics, gum surgery encompasses the many treatments we provide at the hands of our skilled periodontist, Dr. Monica A. Flynn. The soft tissues of your mouth are essential to the health of your smile and support your teeth as they grow and function. There are many conditions that can cause harm to your gums, such as bacteria, impacted teeth and periodontal disease. Gum surgery is performed to ensure your gums are at their optimal level of health. We may suggest gum surgery to:

  • Remove infected or diseased gum tissue
  • Reshape the gumline for a more pleasing, healthy, aesthetic smile
  • Uncover impacted teeth
  • Place dental implants
  • Graft soft tissues for stronger gums
  • Regenerate bone tissue
  • Maintain periodontal health
  • Treat periodontal disease or gingivitis

No matter the reason for your gum surgery, our caring dental team has many years of experience to guarantee you have a positive experience each time you visit us. We take the time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. If you would like more information on gum surgery, please contact our dental office in San Antonio, Texas today. We want to help you love your smile as much as we do!